David Holt Weddings

Choosing the right officiant for your wedding is crucial. It’s the person that you will have the most personal and intimate connection with on your wedding day. And, it’s the person who will establish the lasting memory of your wedding ceremony.

My goal as an officiant isn’t to just perform your ceremony, but to form a lasting relationship with each couple. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this while performing over 200 weddings for nearly 15 years in the Wilmington area. My approach to officiating weddings are:

  • As an ordained minister, my ceremonies are from a Biblical, Christian perspective
  • To provide a personal and intimate ceremony
  • To assist couples in customizing and creating the exact ceremony they want
  • Being time sensitive – not too long, and not too short
  • Preparing couples for marriage through premarital counseling

If this aligns with what you are looking for in a wedding officiant, then I would love to connect with you! Please complete the Contact section at the bottom of the page.

About David

I grew up in Apex, NC, which is better known as “the Peak of Good Livin'”. With living close to Raleigh and being a lifelong fan of NC State, it was easy for me to choose where to attend college. Throughout my years at NC State, I was able to experience being a music team leader with Campus Crusade for Christ, a lead singer in a band, a student pastor at a church, and a Christian communicator for multiple groups and events.

After college, I finally got the courage to venture outside of the Triangle, and moved to the Charlotte/Matthews area. While there, I attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and served as the Director of College-Aged Ministries at Carmel Baptist Church. After being there for two years, I married my wife, Kristen, whom I had met at NC State. When Kristen finished her Masters in Counseling at Gordon Conwell, we decided to move to Wilmington, which was Kristen’s hometown.

Shortly after moving to Wilmington in 2006, I became an ordained minister. Shortly after that, I officiated my very first wedding, which happened to be my wife’s cousin and one of my college roommates that we setup in Charlotte! During that process, I realized how special it is to share such an intimate and important moment in the lives to two people. My friends in the wedding industry encouraged me to start offering my services to couples having their weddings in the Wilmington area. Since then, I’ve officiated over 250 weddings, and I love it even more now than I ever have.

In addition to officiating weddings, I am a dad to Camden and Airlie, and I oversee the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry at UNCW.


David was everything we could have asked for in our wedding officiant. He was kind, authentic and easy to talk to from the first meeting. We did the premarital counseling as a way to also just get to know each other and are so glad we did! He was very interested in getting to know us and writing a ceremony that would best reflect each of us and our families, including very different religious backgrounds! While COVID-19 changed a lot about our actual wedding, David was wonderful to work with in postponing our big day while still getting married legally in a small backyard ceremony in the original date. We can’t thank him enough!
Anna Cook

We met David after he officiated a friends wedding the previous year. We knew he would be a great addition to our day by his caring and friendly attitude but yet professional service. We not only used David for the day of but also chose to have David mentor us on premarital counseling. We would highly recommend this to everyone as it gave us an opportunity and time to sit down and talk through different areas and aspects of a successful marriage. To this day we still get compliments of David’s officiating and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and seek his marriage advice throughout the process.
Craven Wells

Let me start by saying David was AMAZING! My husband and I met with him at a local Starbucks and instantly meshed with him. We chose to do premarital counseling with David as well as have him officiate our wedding. I highly recommend premarital counseling with him. David helped us think about and discuss topics we may not have thought about. Some of these topics can be kind of awkward- but David always joked with us and made us both feel so comfortable discussing intimate topics! Our wedding was everything we could have hoped for and more- and a lot of that is due to David’s wonderful ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. He was able to command the attention of all of the guests, while being very well spoken and even adding in some humor at times. I also LOVE the Blessing of the Hands prayer that David did. It still makes me cry a year later. My mom still talks about the ceremony and how wonderful David was. I could not recommend him more!
Krista Koster

We found David on Google listed as “one of the best in the Wilmington area,” and boy was that true! David was absolutely remarkable throughout the ceremony; he is extremely well spoken, was able to insert timely humor & helped make our wedding day even more special. If you’re on the hunt for an officiant, give David a call as he is not only exceptional at what he does, but an all around great guy.
Bryce Edmister

As a wedding planner, David is always one of the first vendors that I suggest to each of my clients who are looking for a professional, fun, and thoughtful officiant on their wedding day. David has the “gift” of being able to personalize each ceremony for my clients, all while offering a meaningful sentiment and engaging approach to his work. I love collaborating with him at the ceremony rehearsal (he makes it fun for everyone and offers important reminders that are awesome for the group to hear!) and our work together on the wedding day is always a blast. Having David on your vendor team means that your ceremony will be nothing short of memorable, special, and flawlessly delivered!
Sally Lindroos, Kickstand Events

I have had the opportunity to match my clients with David and with such success every time they hire him.  The ceremony is the most important part of the day and David brings a great mix of sincerity and earnestness all the while making the steps through pre-marital counseling and putting together a layout for the ceremony light and fun.  I have overheard at multiple ceremonies guests question which side the officiant is related to only to be shocked to find out that David is not related to either.  He spends the time to get to know the couples so that when he is performing a ceremony it feels like he is a family member vs a vendor contracted for the day. When clients are looking for recommendations for someone to officiate their wedding, David is number one on my list. 
Charyl Williams, Director of Events & Marketing at the Brooklyn Arts Center

We knew that finding someone to marry us was going to be so important. They determine the flow of your wedding day as well as set the tone. David couldn’t have been a better pick for us. We were immediately comfortable with him and felt like we could genuinely sit down and discuss our marriage honestly. Everything felt very sincere. Both of our families enjoyed meeting David and agreed that he was the best choice for our big day. He had answers to all of our questions and was never afraid to give us honest suggestions. Everyone after the wedding told us how much they enjoyed our ceremony due to David’s kind words. We would pick him over again no questions asked!
Kristen Smith

As a business owner and wedding planner, there is a lot that rides on my shoulders. With David playing the role of the officiant for our clients, I already know I don’t have to worry about him and can focus my energy elsewhere. I have worked with many different officiants, and I have to say that David is truly one of my most favorite officiants to work with. He’s professional, reliable, prompt, personable, funny, and very very good at what he does. He will take your story and wrap it into your ceremony that makes your day one of a kind!  If you’re looking for an officiant for your big day, look no further, because David is the one!
Jana Ingram, Design a Dream Events

Per a recommendation from our wedding venue [Wrightsville Manor], we decided to work with David as our wedding officiant and pre-marital counselor. Even though David is based in Wilmington and we are based in Charlotte, which meant us traveling to Wilmington to meet David a few times for counseling, we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. My wife and I had a great experience going through the counseling with David together. We felt that it unified us on so many levels before the wedding and it allowed David to really get to know us before performing our ceremony. We always knew that we wanted to put the LORD first in our wedding and David did a wonderful job bringing that wish to life while weaving in personal experiences that we shared with him. Our wedding guests felt touched by the love felt throughout the ceremony and David played an irreplaceable role in our biggest day.
Jay Ward

When we began our search for an officiant, we were not quite sure where to start.  We turned to our wedding planner, who said we would absolutely love David Holt…and she was right.  From there it was completely simple. David reached out quickly to us and made the process comfortable and natural. After speaking to us about our religious preferences, who would be in our wedding, and what we envisioned our ceremony as, he created an order of ceremony for us, tailored to our preferences. We also opted to complete premarital counseling with him, which was a wonderful opportunity to spend time as a couple with David. The day of our wedding was a dream. David ensured our ceremony was tailored to us, relaxed, and prompt. I am so grateful for our experience and that David was a part of our wedding day. 
Noel Griffin

“We were blessed to have been recommended to David for our premarital counseling. He made it both fun and educational, and an overall enjoyable time.  After the first few sessions, we felt so comfortable with David that we knew we wanted him to officiate our wedding. Our ceremony was intimate and personal as well as fun and light. We worked together to make it everything we dreamed of! We had so many compliments from our ceremony- everyone thought (and we felt like) we had known David for years!”
Jacqueline Pait