Premarital Counseling

Weeks, months, and years of preparation go into making a ceremony full of memories that will last a lifetime. But, in the craziness of planning all the wedding details, many couples neglect to prepare the most important thing for their wedding :: themselves.

In case you haven’t noticed, guys and girls are different. Very different. So, when two people become married, they take all of their different personalities, wishes, pet peeves, quirks, habits, and expectations and combine them all together. And regardless of a couple’s amount of love for one another, all of these combined differences lead to conflict and can blindside an unexpected spouse. Molly Carter explains it this way::

“A marriage is not just a Romantic coupling. A marriage is a financial and legally binding agreement. A marriage is accepting your partner, their family, their quirks and understanding their future plans. A marriage is knowing how your partner feels about children, how money will be spent, if either of you want to travel, live in the city or country, have pets, hunt, vote Republican or Democrat, decorate, attend church, if abortion is a viable option, or what your views on traditional wifely or husbandly duties entail.”

This is why premarital counseling or premarital training is so important. It address questions, expectations, issues, and highlights areas of compatibility that will ultimately help a couple have a healthy, successful start to their marriage. I use an easy, online assessment through Prepare & Enrich that the bride and groom take separately. The questionnaire assessment covers topics such as:

– Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas
– Communication
– Resolving Conflict
– Family Planning
– Discuss Family Backgrounds
– Financial Planning and Budgeting
– Personal, Couple, and Family Goals

Our premarital counseling sessions will mainly focus on going over the assessment, which takes anywhere from 2-4 one-hour sessions. Then, during the last session, we’ll finalize your wedding ceremony; making sure it is exactly how you want it. If you have any questions about the Premarital Counseling process, please contact me at davidholtweddings(at)